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  • Administrative position Held Head of the Department, Incharge Departmental stores (equipment) , Member center Purchase committee University of Kashmir, Vice-Chancellor's Nominee in various departmental Research Committee .
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Research Papers Published

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Books Published

  • ".Bioactivity-Guided Phytochemical Investigations of Artemisia Maritima:Isolation and characterization of Chemical Constituents”". INNOVA SCIENCCCC. pp 10

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Naturally isolated Valerenic acid as a bioactive scaffold for the generation of chemically diverse analogues of therapeutic importanceSERB,DST05-12-2021380,000.00

Research Scholars:

Mahpara qadirM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Tufeel amin mirM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Bilal ahmad mirM.Phil Awarded Whole Time
Mr. Bilal Ahmad DarPh.D Awarded Whole Time


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