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I did my Ph.D. from Indian Assocaition for the Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata in Polymer Science unit. My group is broadly working in the field of Soft matter. Specifically, we work on the development of stimuli responsive Natural product based hydrogels and metallohydrogels for their prospective applications in Health and Environment; Development of photoluminescent materials based on multi-level Forster Resonance Energy Transfer in soft system based self-assemblies for their prospective light harvesting applications; understanding shape transtions of self-assemblies of surfactants by understanding changes in the concentrations of various ions, water and neutral molecules at micelle-water interface and ithe protein topology at the memberane-water interface using Novel chemical trapping method. Moroever, we are utilizing the novel Chemical Kinetic Method to probe the distribution of antioxidants within the interface of micelle-water/emulsion-water systems for understanding the factors that affect the antioxidant activity as a function of composition of interfacial regions in these se;lf-assebled systems relevant for numerous food formulations.

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Research Papers Published

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Books Published

  • "Self assembled system based on surfactants and polymers as stabilizers for citral in beverages". Elsevier. {ISBN: 0} pp 34

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Novel Chemical Imaging Method based on Chemical Trapping for determining topology of proteins in the interfacial region of the membrane mimetic systems.SERB-DST05-02-20203,256,000.00
Development of Interfacial engineering guided food processing technology for enhanced shelf-life and nutritive value of the food emulsionsMHRD UNDER RUSA11-11-20209,400,000.00

Research Scholars:

Ovais Ahmad ChatPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Rohi MasaratPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Uzma AshrafPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Rais Ahmad ShahPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Parvaiz Ahmad BhatPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Bashir Ahmad ShairgojarayPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Saima AfzalPh.D Awarded Whole Time
Mohd Sajid LonePh.D Awarded Whole Time


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ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryQuantum Chemistry-11
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryQuantum Chemistry -22
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistrySolid State Chemistry2
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryQUantum Chemistry-33
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryPhysical Chemistry Practicals3
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryAdvanced Quantum and Computational chemistry4
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistrySeminar Lectures4
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryADvanced Practical Course4