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I have done Ph. D. from IIT Bombay on a research problem “Rational Design and Synthesis of Molecular and Extended Zinc Phosphates: Insights into Mechanism of their Formation” Under supervision of the renowned inorganic chemist Prof. R. Murugavel.

Our group is working in the broader domain of supramolecular chemistry using crystal engineering approach for understanding supramolecular aggregation/recognition and development of novel smart materials. Of recent we have started to work in the areas:

i) development of organic semiconductors

ii) tuning the emission/white light generation through crystal engineering in organic cocrystals

iii) crystal engineering methods to modulate physicochemical and pharmacokinetic properties of extant drugs

iv) development of molecular sensors

v) understanding role of kinetic and thermodynamic factors governing molecular packing.


1. Early career research Award 2017

2. INSA Visiting Scientist Fellow 2018

3. Emerging Investigator-Crystal Growth & Design (ACS)-2020

4. INSA-Visiting Fellow-IISER Kolkata (2021-22)

5. Outstanding Reviewer-CrystEnggComm (RSC)-2021

6. Emerging Investigator-Crystal Growth & Design (ACS)-2022

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Research Papers Published

  • "5. Dimensionality Alteration and Intra- versus Inter-SBU Void Encapsulation in Zinc Phosphate Frameworks" Inorganic Chemistry, 55(11): 5180 -5190 {ISSN: 1520-510X} Impact Factor= 4.82
  • "6. Elusive Double-Eight-Ring Secondary Building Unit of Zeolites." Journal of the American Chemical Society(JACS), 00(00): 00 -00 {ISSN: 1520-5126} Impact Factor= 13.04
  • "Dimensionality Alteration and Intra-versus Inter-SBU Void Encapsulation in Zinc Phosphate Frameworks" Inorganic chemistry, 55(11): 5180 -5190 Impact Factor= 4.89
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  • "Molecular salts of the isoniazid derivatives. Expanding the scope of sulfonate-pyridinium synthon to design materials" Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 307(1): 122762 -122772 Impact Factor= 3.5

Research Projects Details:

Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDatedAmount (in Rs.)
Cocrystal or Molecular Salt! Can the Dividing be Drawn.UGC04-04-20171,000,000.00
Crystal Engineering of Pharmaceuticals. An Approach to Address the Solubility Limitation of DrugsSERB-DST05-08-20173,102,000.00


DepartmentSubjectCourse TaughtSemester
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistrySymmetry & group Theory1
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryInorganic Laboratory course1
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryInorganic reaction Mechanism2
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistrySupramolecular Chemistry4
ChemistryM.Sc. ChemistryBioinorganic chemistry4